Steadman Jaguar TS100 Enthusiasts Club
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Steadman TS100 Enthusiasts Club

Recreation of the famous Jaguar SS100

2016 Steadman Club Meeting

The best club meeting to date and a big thank you to all you attended - some members travelling quite some distance. Although only three TS100's were present, we were very honoured to have six TS100 owners who were able to discuss their respective cars and get to know one another. At this time a number of members cars are being worked on, so hopefully there will be more cars for next years meeting.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any photographs this year, but Chris saved the day and has very kindly forwarded me some photographs which I have added to the website.

Finally, thank you to Roger and Hazel for being so supportive and once again inviting us all to their home for tea to round off our day out.